QuestionBlock cover of one of the illest Sonic the Hedgehog songs.  Ice Cap Zone.

When I was I kid I took sides when it came down to almost every product I consumed.  And I stood my ground firmly.  I drank Coke and would not touch Pepsi.  I loved Pizza Hut and refused Domino’s.  I lived on Pop-Tarts so bollocks to Toaster Strudel.  I was adamant against Nike and would wear…well basically anything else.  
In my adult years, of course, I have eased up.  I’ll drink a Pepsi if its around.  I’ll eat Domino’s because I’ll feel like crap either way.  Of course I’ll eat a Toaster Strudel if I feel like squeezing that ooze onto it.  And I am now the owner of three pairs of Nikes (more on my Nike stance some other time).
But there was NO WAY I could choose between the big two.  Nintendo v. Sega.  I had both.  Loved both.  Anyone who knows me knows I am a die-hard Mario fan.  Even through the backpack years.  
But I also love Sonic.
So in homage to the original Sonic series, I’ve composed a cover of the theme to the Ice Cap Zone.  Click the next post! 
I am rooting for the Dutch to win this cup.  If you do not have a team to root for, go for The Netherlands.  If for any other reason do it for this guy.  My college roommate and life time friend Is Dutch.  His name is John (seen pictured here with a very young and sober me).  Let’s go, Orange!!!

The Total Ghost (@totalghost) thing is cruising along.  Yesterday, while watching Germany eek out that third place win in the World Cup and drinking a lot of vodka, I was able to finish three more songs.  My poor computer is not quite sure why I keep stressing it out so badly.  Understandably so as I am usually running multiple ridiculous things at the same time.  Bue the end product is worth it.  One of these songs will probably turn into a video but the other two will not for sure.  The one that I have posted here is more of an interlude as opposed to a full out track.  It still sounds effing awesome. 

I present to you “Do A Party”.  This is a rough cut and is sans Bictor.  He’ll be added in later.  Enjoy!

Here’s the second hit by German pop duo Total Ghost called (Too Fast for The) Autobahn.  This version is a bit rough but it damn near perfect.  The video for this has already been shot and is now in the editing process.  You should really follow these dudes @TotalGhost.  I’ll toss up some behind the scenes photos in a bit.


Having no job has left me with enough time to create some off the wall stuff.  A birthday present for a very good friend of mine has now quickly turned itself into an out of control art project.

In the following post, I’m gonna toss up the video.  The band in the video goes by the name Total Ghost.  Bictor (the tall and dapper one) and Chön (The shorter, sporty one) are pop sensations that are taking Europe and the world by storm… my head.

Total Ghost is now what I am devoting the majority of my time to. I get to once again work with my favorite directors of all time, The Nix Bros, on more music based projects.  I have made a Twitter feed (@totalghost), we have an email address (, and a Facebook page.

My goal is to bust out like 6 to 8 songs and three videos by the end of the month.  Totally doable when you’ve got nothing else to do.

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